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Polycom audio and voice

Whether you are a Fortune 500 executive or a lone worker in a remote office, being heard and understood is the most critical component of any business meeting. So why not give yourself and your employees the best possible voice communication experience Polycom Voice Conferencing solutions have been the industry’s leading audio conferencing solutions for more than 20 years. We’ve earned that loyalty through our excellent voice quality and relentless commitment to innovationPolycom’s broad portfolio of devices ensures that businesses of all types and sizes can clearly hear and be heard, which improves your business productivity and delivers a seamless and natural communications experience.

Polycom Voice Conferencing Solutions:
  • Are optimized for Microsoft® and comprise a broad selection of conference phones and installed audio solutions for nearly any room environment
  • Deliver legendary voice quality so your attention remains focused on the critical tasks at hand
  • Deliver advanced audio capabilities that create more realistic meeting environments

Every industry has its stalwarts and voice conferencing is no exception. When making a decision on voice conferencing technology, one name stands above the rest…Polycom.

Why? Because Polycom voice conferencing solutions offer everything you need in a group conferencing solution...high-quality voice, simple deployment and wide interoperability with virtually any PBX or IP PBX environment.

Polycom Voice Conferencing Solutions offer:
  • 360-degree microphone pickup and other technology for creating seamless group conversations
  • Patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology, which enables loud, clear, group calls without echoes, dropouts or feedback
  • New advancements such as Polycom HD Voice, which deliver clarity never before experienced in a conference call
  • For select models, advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) support, wireless technology, USB-based solutions, and flexible configuration options to meet the needs of any type room or telephony environment

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HDX-4000 HDX-6000 HDX-7000
HDX-8000 SE HDX-8000 SE.pdf HDX-9000
HDX-VSX-5000 multi_interface_module polycom-ip-conference-phone
soundstation2 soundstation2w soundstation-duo
soundstation-ip-5000 soundstation-ip-6000 soundstation-ip-7000
soundstation-vtx-1000 VTX1000_External_Speakers  
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Easy-to-use video conferencing systems for every meeting room

The award-winning Lifesize Icon Series, video conferencing systems, are designed on one fundamental principle: simplicity. Set up in any meeting room, navigate the intuitive UI, call anyone, add participants with a click and combine multiparty calls into a single, larger multiparty call automatically; it’s all so simple. Pair your Lifesize Icon system with Lifesize Cloud and gain access to even more features and benefits

Seeing Is Believing

Lifesize Icon Is Easy to Use
  • New! Escalating to a multiparty call couldn’t be easier. Simply accept an incoming call or click on a contact in your directory to add participants.
  • Record meetings and stream them live to any number of viewers with the push of a button.
  • Meeting reminders pop up, just like calendar meeting notices, so your meeting starts on time.
  • Ad-hoc meetings begin in the unified directory. Search for a name, click and call.
  • Enjoy the same user experience in and out of multiparty calls. With the unified user experience, every call looks and feels the same.
  • The icons on the onscreen menu clearly convey the function or operation so you can click and complete quickly.
  • Your meeting schedule is always visible on the home screen.
  • Pin contacts as favorites for quick and easy starts to video calls.
  • We thought of the IT pros, too, by making Lifesize Icon 600 as simple to install and configure as a PC.
  • Lifesize Icon 600 is designed for maximum simplicity, flexibility and value.

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Lifesize Icon 400 Lifesize Icon 600 LifeSize Icon 800
LifeSize Team220 LifeSize Tech Note for Configuration Preferences 4 7 LifeSize_Express_220
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SMART Board interactive whiteboard system

The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that is touch-sensitive. It can be used with normal computer operations, but is ideal for use with SMART Notebook lessons. SMART Notebook is collaborative learning software that creates, delivers, and manages interactive course material. There are also several SMART Podiums on campus and SMART document cameras. Support information for various SMART products, from SMART Boards to the SMART Notebook software can be found at the SMART Support Center. You can find all of the basic install guides, getting started guides and complete guides outlining all of the features of SMART Products.

There are several SMART Boards on campus, several are in teaching rooms and others are in rooms students have access to at other times.

SMART Notebook is available for Window, Mac and Linux operating systems. There is also a new iPad app as well. For more information and to download the Windows or Mac version, go to Smartech.com SMART Notebook will download as a 30 day trial, to access a document with resources and an installation key, login to your campus email and access this document This site is only accessible to those with a UW-L email and only works with version 11.X.

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AirLiner LightRaise40w_interactive projector podiumid_422w
podiumid_DT770 podiumid_ID250 podiumid_ID350
podiumid_ID370 podiumid_SP518 podiumid_SP524
SB480 SB640 SB640
SB660 SB680 SB685
SB690 SBD680 SBD685
SBD690 SBM680 SBM685
SBX880_SB880-SMP SLR60wi_interactive projector SLR60wi2_interactive projector
SMARTSlateWS200 SpecsSBX885_SB885-SMPv6July12 specssrsmp270v09jun14
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NEC Multimedia Projectors

Our business is driven by advanced technologies, industry-leading service and value-add programs that help increase your productivity and let you see your digital world in a more dynamic way.

From the classroom to the boardroom, from the desktop to the diner, NEC Display Solutions has a full range of desktop and large-screen LCD displays, and multimedia and digital cinema projector solutions for just about any display need imaginable.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, NEC Display Solutions leverages award-winning display technologies and advanced research and development, while building on a rich history of product innovation. The quality of the NEC brand is also illustrated by the company’s customer-focused programs, industry-leading support and service benefits for a display solution unlike any other.NEC Display Solutions designs, produces and delivers leading-edge visual display technology for a wide variety of markets. We specialize in desktop and large-screen LCD displays, and a diverse line of projectors for customers who demand the most high-quality, reliable display solutions to meet their needs

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NEC_Datasheet_L51WLED-english NEC_Datasheet_L102WLED-english NEC_Datasheet_M271X-english
NEC_Datasheet_M302WS-english NEC_Datasheet_M311W-english NEC_Datasheet_M311X-english
NEC_Datasheet_M322W-english NEC_Datasheet_M322X-english NEC_Datasheet_M332XS-english
NEC_Datasheet_M352WS-english NEC_Datasheet_M362W-english NEC_Datasheet_M362X-english
NEC_Datasheet_M402H-english NEC_Datasheet_M402W-english NEC_Datasheet_M402X-english
NEC_Datasheet_P451W-english NEC_Datasheet_P501X-english NEC_Datasheet_PA522U-english
NEC_Datasheet_PA572W-english NEC_Datasheet_PA621U-english NEC_Datasheet_PA622U-english
NEC_Datasheet_PA671W-english NEC_Datasheet_PA672W-english NEC_Datasheet_PA722X-english
NEC_Datasheet_PH1000U-english NEC_Datasheet_PH1400U-english NEC_Datasheet_PX602UL-english
NEC_Datasheet_PX700W-english NEC_Datasheet_PX750U-english NEC_Datasheet_UM280W-english
NEC_Datasheet_UM280X-english NEC_Datasheet_UM280Xi-MP-english NEC_Datasheet_UM301W-english
NEC_Datasheet_UM301Wi-english NEC_Datasheet_UM301X-english NEC_Datasheet_UM301Xi-english
NEC_Datasheet_UM330W-english NEC_Datasheet_UM330Wi-MP-english NEC_Datasheet_UM330X-english
NEC_Datasheet_UM330Xi-MP-english NEC_Datasheet_UM351W-english NEC_Datasheet_UM361X-english
NEC_Datasheet_UM361Xi-english NEC_Datasheet_V230X-english NEC_Datasheet_V260-english
NEC_Datasheet_V260X-english NEC_Datasheet_V281W-english NEC_Datasheet_V311W-english
NEC_Datasheet_V311X-english NEC_Datasheet_VE281-english NEC_Datasheet_VE281X-english
NEC-NC1040L-web_en NEC-NC1440L-web_en  
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Panasonic Multimedia Projectors

Through its broad range of integrated business technology solutions, Panasonic empowers professionals to do their best work. Customers in government, healthcare, production, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises, large and small, depend on integrated solutions from Panasonic to reach their full potential, achieve competitive advantage and improve outcomes.

The complete suite of Panasonic solutions range from mobile computing to security and surveillance systems to visual display solutions and more. As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic engineers reliable and long-lasting solutions as a partner for continuous improvement. Panasonic solutions for business are delivered by Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC).

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PT-LW271_Series Brochure PT-VW430U1 PT-VX400
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Mythware Language L ab is a comprehensive digital language lab software which can be used for the training of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Assisted by such tool, the teacher can deliver the language teaching to the class smoothly and intriguingly. With the interface that is simple and straight - forward, the software is easy to learn and to operate

  • Broadcast Teaching
  • External Device Live Show
  • Oral Training
  • Speak/Intercom/Voice Chat
  • Visual Communication
  • Voice Monitor/ Record
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Conference Call
  • Test on Answer Sheet
  • Quiz/Survey/Oral Exam
  • Quick Response/Competition
  • Group Teaching
  • Group/Topic Chat
  • Student Demonstration
  • Monitor & Control
  • Voice Device Detection
  • Multi-Channel Net Movie
  • Policy Control
  • Message/Event
  • Distribute/Collect/Submit File
  • Remote Command/Setting
  • Call/ Hand up/Request Help
  • Media on Command
  • Sign In/Out

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Language-Lab-Brochure Language-Lab-Feature  
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Inter-M is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and distribution of premier audio and video products.

Inter-M has been building quality commercial sound and professional audio products for more than 3 decades.

Inter-M Americas (based near Los Angeles, CA) offers an extensive line of audio and video products including: amplifiers, matrix systems, mixer/amps, mixers, digital signal processing, network Audio, sources, speakers, and specialty products

Inter-M has a reputation for precision design and fabrication, resulting in a proven track record for the reliability of their product..

Inter-M has been recognized as the standard of quality, reliability, and performance by contractors throughout the Western Hemisphere and around the world with recent installations ranging from the Coliseo Poudeportivo at the Catholic University of Peru and Jackie's Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland; to a Raceway Park in Houston, Texas;

The University of the South's All Saints' Church in Sewanee, Tennessee; and the new world-class Incheon International Airport in Korea.

Inter-M America backs its commitment to make it easy with a uniquely experienced team of support specialists, who appreciate sound, who have firsthand experience as contractors, and whose commitment to the industry has exemplified the phrase "customer service."

Inter-M is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the commercial and professional markets. Inter-M Americas is the USA based distributor for all products manufactured by Inter-M Corporation Korea in the Americas.

The primary business objective for Inter-M Americas is to be the leading provider in the American market of Commercial and Professional Audio products...

Be the leading provider of Human friendly AV

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2013_Inter-M_Catalogue A-60_120 AMP CH-510 HORN SPEAKERS
CU-910_920_930_940_920H_940H_se CU-910_920_930_940_920H_940H_se FS-30N_60N_100N_52N_SPEAKERS
Inter-M_Catalogue amp Inter-M_Catalogue ceilling wall speaker Inter-M_Catalogue Clear horn speakers
Inter-M_Catalogue fashion speakers Inter-M_Catalogue- mic Inter-M_Catalogue-power amp
Inter-M_Catalogue-prof speakers IWS-10_10A SPEAKERS PA-935N AMP
PA-2000A_4000A_6000A AMP RM-01 MIC  
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HTDZ is a Chaina based manufacturer of audio technology products.

As an experienced conference system manufacturer, we at Haitian Electronic offer a wide range of IR wireless conference system, digital video conference system, discussion conference system, etc. To meet customers' different needs, We also provide other products such as video tracking system, IR language distribution system, voting system and wireless microphone system. Our products are widely used in public security, firefighting, military, railway, aviation, and many other fields.

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HTDZ_HT809_FicheTech tekako ch5 speakers wlc100
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Wilson Electronics is now weBoost

Same industry-leading cellular signal boosters, new name.
Boost Your Signal Today ›We Boost Connections
Cellular signal boosters that keep you connected at home

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Document 66    
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Ubiquiti Networks Company

Ubiquiti Networks is an American technology company started in 2005. Based in San Jose, California they are a manufacturer of wireless products whose primary focus is on under-served and emerging markets.

  • Hardware Accelerated Performance
  • Ubiquiti's custom silicon provides hardware-accelerated processing, dramatically improving
  • TDMA latency and network scalability for airMAX®networks.

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NanoStation_MIMO_Loco_M_QSG NanoStation-M5-Datasheet NanoStation-M-Loco
OMNI Rocket_M_GPS_Datasheet  
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HIK Vision

Hikvision Remains in Pole Position in Global CCTV and Video Surveillance Market

For the third consecutive year, Hikvision has been ranked as the world’s largest CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment provider in 2013 with a dominant 10.9% market share. This is up by more than a third, from 8% in 2012, according to the latest report from IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).

In a year of significant achievements, Hikvision maintained or gained position in every market segment. Its most striking success was becoming the top Hardware NVR manufacturer from not being in the Top 10 in 2012. In addition, Hikvision maintained its position as global DVR leader for the fifth consecutive year, gained two places to become the world’s No. 1 supplier of Security Cameras with an 11.9% market share, and rose one place to be No. 2 in Network Security Cameras with a 13% share of the market. As for the VMS category, it achieved third having risen from 5th place in 2012.

“This outstanding performance across the board serves, once again, to prove Hikvision's continuing dedication to innovation and excellence in all aspects of video surveillance products. It's also evidence of the success of Hikvision’s international marketing strategy and in-depth local customer services,” says Polo Cai, Vice President at Hikvision.

“As the global CCTV market continues to move towards HD as the de facto standard, Hikvision has brought forward a full range of HD IP products, including the family of easy-to-use IP solution and Smart IP solution, that has been highly acclaimed by our partners and customers since its introduction to the market. Hikvision is growing very quickly in all segments, continuing to outperform the market as a whole, and this is also testament to our expanding sales channels and loyalty of our customers,” continued Polo.

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ds 2cd2032 ds-2ae7154 DS-2AE-7168
DS-2AF1-51C 51D DS-2AF1-71C 71D DS-2AF1-401X
DS-2AF1-512 514 516 518 DS-2AF1-513 515 517-B DS-2AF1-713-B
DS-2AF1-714 716 718 DS-2AF1-715 717-B DS-2CC102 112 192P(N)-IR3 IR5
DS-2CC102 112 192P(N)-IRA DS-2CC102 112 192P(N)-IRT DS-2CC502 512 592P(N)-IR IR3
DS-2CC502 572P(N)-IMB DS-2CC502_512_592P(N)-FB DS-2CC511 591P(N)-A
DS-2CC1112 1172 1192P(N)(-A) DS-2CC1173P(N)-VF(IR) DS-2CC1191 1195 1197P-VFIR
DS-2CC1191P(N)-A DS-2CC1192P(N)-IR1 IR3 IR5 IRA DS-2CC1193 1195 1197P(N)-A(-C)
DS-2CC1198P(N)-A(-C) DS-2CC5102 5112 5172 5192P(N) DS-2CC5173P(N)-VF
DS-2CC5173P(N)-VP(IR)(H) DS-2CC5191 5193 5195 5197P(N)-VF DS-2CC5191 5195 5197P(N)-VPIR(H)
DS-2CC5192P(N)-IR1 IR3 DS-2CC5281P-AVPIR2 DS-2CC5281P-VP
DS-2CD733F-E(I)(Z) DS-2CD753F-E(I)(Z) DS-2CD754F-E(I)(Z)
DS-2CD754FWD-E(I)(Z) DS-2CD755F-E(I)(Z) DS-2CD764F-E(I)(Z)
DS-2CD764FWD-E(I)(Z) DS-2CD783F-E(I)(Z) DS-2CD833F-E(W)
DS-2CD853F-E(W) DS-2CD854F-E(W) DS-2CD854FWD-E
DS-2CD855F-E DS-2CD864-EI3 DS-2CD864F-E(W)
DS-2CD864FWD-E DS-2CD883F-E(W) DS-2CD2012-I
DS-2CD7133-E DS-2CD7153-E DS-2CD7164-E
DS-2CD7233F-E(I)(Z)(H) DS-2CD7253F-E(I)(Z)(H) DS-2CD7254F-E(I)(Z)(H)
DS-2CD7254FWD-E(I)Z(H) DS-2CD7255F-E(I)Z(H) DS-2CD7264FWD-E(I)Z(H)
DS-2CD7283F-E(I)Z(H) DS-2CD7353F-E(I) DS-2CD8133F-E(W)
DS-2CD8153F-E(W) DS-2CD8233F-EI(Z) DS-2CD8253F-EI(Z)
DS-2CD8254F-EI(Z) DS-2CD8254FWD-EI(Z) DS-2CD8255F-EI(Z)
DS-2CD8264F-EI(Z) DS-2CD8264FWD-EI(Z) DS-2CD8283F-EI(Z)
DS-2CD8433F-EIW DS-2CD8464F-EIW DS-2CE1512P(N)-IR
DS-2CE1582P(N)-IR DS-2CE1582P(N)-IR1 IR3 DS-2CE1582P(N)-VFIR3
DS-2CE5512P(N) DS-2CE5512P(N)-IR DS-2CE5512P(N)-IRP
DS-2CE5582P(N) DS-2CE5582P(N)-IR DS-2CE5582P(N)-IR1 IR3
DS-2CE5582P(N)-IRP DS-2CE5582P(N)-VFIR3 DS-2CZ2132P(N)
DS-2CZ2152P(N) DS-2CZ2182P(N) DS-2CZ2192P(N)
DS-2DF1-51C 51D DS-2DF1-57A DS-2DF1-71C 71D
DS-2DF1-77A DS-2DF1-401H DS-2DF1-512 514 516 518
DS-2DF1-513 515 517-B DS-2DF1-572 DS-2DF1-713-B
DS-2DF1-714 716 718 DS-2DF1-715 717-B DS-2DF1-772
DS-1004HMI ds-1004ki DS-4002 4004MDI+
DS-4004_4008_4016HCI DS-4101HDI DS-4208_4216HFVI
DS-4304HFHI-E DS-4308 4316HCVI-E DS-4308 4316HFVI-E
DS-6101DI DS-6101HFI-IP-A DS-6301 6304 6308DI
DS-6504_6508_6516HFI DS-6504_6508_6516HFI-SATA DS-6508_6516HCI
DS-6508_6516HCI-SATA DS-6601 6602 6604HCI DS-6601 6602 6604HCI-SATA
DS-6601 6602 6604HFI DS-6601 6602 6604HFI-SATA DS-6601HFHI
DS-7204 7208 7216HFI-ST DS-7204 7208 7216HFI-STSE DS-7204 7208 7216HFI-STSN
DS-7204 7208 7216HVI-ST DS-7204 7208 7216HVI-STSE DS-7204 7208 7216HVI-STSN
DS-7204-7208-7216 DS-7204HVI-STL DS-7304 7308 7316HFI-ST
DS-7304 7308 7316HI-ST DS-7604 7608NI-S DS-7604HI-S
DS-7608 7616NI-ST DS-8004 8008 8016HFI-ST DS-8104 8106HMI-ST
DS-8104 8108 8112HMFI-T DS-8104 8108 8116HCI-ST DS-8104 8108 8116HDI-ST
DS-8104 8108 8116HFI-ST DS-8104 8108 8116HWI-ST DS-8104 8108AH(L)I-ST
DS-8104 8108AHF(L)I-ST DS-8104HMI-M DS-9004 9008 9016HFI-RH
DS-9004 9008 9016HFI-SH DS-9004 9008 9016HFI-ST DS-9104 9108 9116HFI-RH
DS-9104 9108 9116HFI-ST DS-9104 9108 9116HWI-ST DS-9104_9108_9116HFI-S
DS-9104_9108_9116HFI-SH DS-9104HFHI-ST DS-9508 9516NI-R
DS-9508 9516NI-S DS-9604 9608 9612 9616NI-RH DS-9604_9608_9616NI-SH
DS-9608 9616 9632NI-ST DS-9664NI-RH IP Module
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ANVIZ Global Inc.

Anviz Global Inc., a global enterprise based in U.S., is a pioneer in the intelligent security industry, including fields such as, Biometrics, RFID and Surveillance. Over the last 11 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers in over 100 countries.

“Invent and Trust” is the core concept in both our product development, and commitment to our customers.

The U.S. Headquarters of Anviz is located in Tampa, Florida, with manufacturing and R&D centers in China. Branch offices are located in the UK, Argentina, and Portugal as well as additional locations all over the world. Globally, there are nearly 1000 talented employees serving you. Anviz trademarks have been registered in 158 countries around the world

Anviz has 11 years of R&D expertise in engineering and manufacturing biometric technology products and owns more than 500 intellectual properties in software, hardware, style & design.

Anviz created and developed a self-intelligent, multi-biometric verification algorithm named BioNANO. Incorporating fingerprint, facial, iris and vein recognition in one core application, BioNANO has excelled over other competitors to become the world's most efficient and stable identification algorithm. Our constant R&D enhancements in multi-biometric and RFID technology continue to lead the industry in identification and security. The BioNANO Algorithm is used daily by 60 million people all over the world. Anviz technology products and applications already span the globe and will continue to grow through our commitment and valued partners.

Intelligent security relies heavily on technological development. The boundary between intelligent security and computers is gradually disappearing. Intelligent security technology encompasses numerous functions including, image transmission & storage, data storage & processing, access control, alarm and surveillance, etc. A major advantage of intelligent security is the simplicity and universality of uses. Many of the products and technology are interchangeable and can be used for by any company and individual.

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Anviz_C3 Anviz_Catalogue_2014_English Anviz_CrossChex_Catalogue
Anviz_D200 Anviz_EP300 Anviz_M5
Anviz_Surveillance_Catalogue(En) Anviz_Surveillance_Catalogue Anviz_TC550
Anviz_VF30_VP30 Anviz-C5 Anviz-T5
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AWIND is a leading company in wireless projection market

WGA-120 is the 2nd generation of WPS-Dongle. Its mobility, compatibility and PoVGA feature already gains positive feedback from the market. Now WGA-120 adopts 802.11N Wi-Fi standard and new chipset makingthe wireless projection even faster and more stable. Check out its advanced ID design! It has scrolling screw on both sides to lock the dongle up to projector VGA connector tightly.WGA-120 also supports Mac OS.

AWIND has proven to the industry for its strong design and integration capabilities on hardware, embedded firmware, wireless networking and software for Windows, Mac, Mobile, and Linux. With the solid technology foundation and customer base, AWIND is developing the mTVic (mobile, TV, internet, computer) platform which is to provide “easy to migrate” framework for PC or mobile applications to be accessed in front of TVs

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WGA-510_ WiPG-1500 WiPG-2000
WPS 2    
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Shenzhen Oastar Electronic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Oastar Electronic Co., Ltd. (OASTAR) was solely invested by Aerospace Science & Industry Shenzhen (Group) Co., Ltd. Established in 1989, our registered capital was 40 million RMB. Our company was recognized as a high-tech enterprise by Shenzhen Bureau of Science, Technology & Information in 1991. OASTAR specializes in the introduction, development, production, distribution and technical service of office automation products.

In the early 1990s, OASTAR was the first one to introduce and develop paper shredders and digital duplicators. Through over ten years of hard work, OASTAR has become a well-known and prestigious office automation enterprise with the integration of the R&D, production, and distribution of paper shredders in domestic office automation field. We have a large scale production and development base and an efficient sales and after-sales service network all over the country. OASTAR owns a total property area of 22,000 square meters. OASTAR paper shredders are now name brand products in Chinese market. Our company has passed the evaluation of National Administration for Protection of State Secrets. Our brand won the first brand in the same industry in China Market Commodity Quality Investigation in 2000, was listed in the Chinese Government Purchase List in 2002, and was selected as a name brand in the first "Shenzhen Famous Brand" in 2003. OASTAR insists on the business philosophy of "quality builds brand, cooperation forges coexistence, team establishes credit, and market gains opportunity". In the ever-increasing fierce market competition, we win trust and confidence from distributors and users with our sincerity and credit. Recently, after in-depth research and survey of related technical data at home and abroad, with combination of the characteristics of Chinese characters and with reference to the national standard for the protection of state secrets of China, OASTAR is the first one in the industry to launch products in compliance with national standards for the protection of state secrets of China, which sets a reference point in the same industry. Our products have attained UL certification. We warmly welcome any kind of OEM and ODM orders. OASTAR continues the pursuit of sustainable development, promotes intrinsic quality, emphasizes on commitment, attaches great importance to credit, and leads to a way of robustness, harmony, dignity, self-confidence, standardization and practicality with our brand-new stance. We look forward to cooperating with customers from all over the world.

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oaster 01 oaster 2 oaster 3
oaster 4 oaster 5 oaster 6
oaster 7 oaster 8  
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Founded in 1998, Juong Educational Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development & manufacture of modern education equipments and multimedia product series. With intensive investment and a professional research and development team, we have obtained the leading position in educational equipment sector in China and become one of the best suppliers in this field around the world.

At present, we’re committed to providing interactive class-teaching solution for the schools around the world, and our products mainly covers Interactive whiteboard, Wireless tablet, Digital Visualizer, Voting system and Central control system. Especially the IPBOARD interactive whiteboard, it has become the hot-sale products of our company and been exported to European, Asian-pacific, Latin market with large volume.

Due to our commitment to innovation, good quality, and technical support, we have attained significant company and product awards including “Hi-tech Enterprise” and “Key Software Enterprise” of Shenzhen, Certificate of ISO 9001:2000, CE, C-TICK, FCC, and ROHS. We do believe that with high quality, and affordable price, our products will take more and more market share globally. JOIN US, ENJOY SUCCESS WITH US!

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All in one IP Board Android learning tablet pc Dual Pen and Single-pen IP Board
Dual Pen IP TABLET IPBoard_85
JULONG Profile Optical and infrared board Talking pen
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